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Welcome! My name is Shanice Smith. I'm a born and raised New Yorker that's ready to change the world. After many years of trying out multiple new technical skills, I discovered that I'm a New Media Technologist. Being from Queens, my diverse environment heavily influences my work, as well as the late night Cartoon Network shows that flood my childhood memories. Together, they shaped my desire to defy the odds of being successful in the tech industry.

I'm included in many underrepresented communities within tech, such as gender, race, and sexuality. Rather than feeling like an imposter in these spaces, I envisioned myself as a pioneer. Unity, diversity, and celebration of identities inspire me to create content that reflects the people inhabit New York City. Determined to make an impact in my community, I use web development, UX/UI design, game development, and 3D animation methodologies to further influence the next generation of underrepresented students in tech to chase their dreams, explore STEAM and use their life challenges as motivation for their goals.